About Us

Safe Fire

SAFE FIRE are the total solution providers in the field of fire protection system and training for fire and safety.

SAFE FIRE system has a full-fledged designed department, capable of designing any sophisticated fire protection system, whether it is hydrant, fire alarm system, sprinkler system, foam system, flooding system etc. We have an experienced installation team capable of erecting fire protection system anywhere the customer needs.

SAFE FIRE offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products, services and engineering solutions with professional touch and reliability. We have a team of professional engineers in different branches like mechanical, electrical and piping etc. We entertain design, estimation, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of fire protection and direct systems. We always give preference for customer satisfaction. SAFE FIRE offers complete services engineering solutions with a professional touch and consistency. We are expertise in design and installation of fire protection system, supply and maintenance of fire fighting equipments and consultancy in fire protection system.


SAFE FIRE is more than just an institution of total solution providers in the field of fire protection; it is an investment uniting a passion for profession, meticulous craftsmanship and tireless elegance, Born from the highest quality of products which are of international standard with UL approval. All the products of SAFE FIREare of one year warrantee and guarantee.


To, procure the excellence in fire protection by maintaining the highest standard of services and dedication. We would do all that is possible to provide the highest degree of safety and security to protect the lives, property and environment of our country.